What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag

What to pack in your Hospital Bag for Labor and Delivery

Almost there now, wondering what to pack for labor and delivery? As labor is getting closer your hospital bag should be packed and ready to go for when you go into labor.

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With my first pregnancy, I checked online and watched videos on what to pack and I ended up packing way too much. The second time around I knew what I really needed for the hospital. I want to share with you the hospital bag essentials for labor and delivery.

This Checklist contains

  • What I packed in my hospital bag
  • My baby’s bag 
  • What I packed for my Husband

I go to the hospital with two bags, 1 containing things for . my husband and I and the other one contains things for my baby. I usually put smaller items in smaller bags and label them for ease, so I don’t have to search through items to get them and I could send my husband to the bag to get an item for me and its easy for him to identify.


Comfortable RobeI love to take a super comfortable robe with me, for cold and covering up when you have visitors. And also something that is easy to breastfeed with.

Chapstick – My lips get dry during labor from breathing hard and not drinking a lot, so I needed chapstick. I highly recommend you bring one with you and put it where it could be easily accessed.

Flip Flops – Bring a pair of comfortable flip flops that can be wipeable if blood drips on them

Comfortable Dark Pants – Take two-three Dark, comfortable and stretchy pants

Nursing Bra – A good nursing bra that can provide support for the boobs and easy to pull down for breastfeeding. Two Nursing bras are okay to pack.

Phone Chargers – Bring a charger with long cords because your bed could be far from the outlet. You can write down your phone and chargers in a list of last-minute items to take before leaving the house so you won’t forget them.

Hair Ties – During Labor you would want your hair out of your way and face, so you use your hair tie to put your hair up.

Documentation – Don’t forget to bring your I.D, Birth plan, and insurance card.

Breast pads – Most women don’t have their milk come in till 2-3 days after birth but just in case your breastmilk comes in while you are in the hospital you will need some breast pads for any leaking milk.

Underwear – After delivery, there is some heavy bleeding, you will need full panties that can hold up pads, the hospital does provide the disposable mesh panties but you also need your comfortable panties too.

Going home outfit – I usually advise to bring stretchy dark pants and a loose comfortable top for going from the hospital.

Socks – The hospital can get cold, you will need like 2 pairs of dark, non-slip. socks for the hospital

Comfortable Pyjamas – Pyjamas are a great option if you want a change of clothing and you don’t want to put on your hospital gown throughout your hospital stay. Get one that is loose and comfortable with buttons in front for breastfeeding.

Toiletries – You bring your own toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, body wash, hairbrush, deodorant. You can get them in travel sizes.

Nursing TanksA couple of nursing tanks for breastfeeding and also just to stay at the hospital is also needed



 You don’t need to bring much for the baby because the hospital provides items for the baby, but these are the things I pack for the baby

Receiving Blanket -The hospital provides blankets, but can also bring one or two blankets to wrap the baby and also take pictures.

Onesies and Sleepwear – You will need a couple of onesies/sleepwear to change the baby in and keep them warm.

Socks and Mittens – Mittens are essential to wear for the baby to prevent them from scratching their faces with their nails. Bring two pairs of socks and mittens.

Going Home Outfits – You can come along with a cute outfit for going home.

Car Seat Installed – You need to get the car seat installed properly before going to the hospital.



Change of Clothes – Take two outfits, some underwear and something for sleeping

Blanket – Take a comfortable blanket for him

Toiletries – Carry along his toothbrush, deodorant, hairbrush.

Some other essentials to carry are your Camera, Snacks, and money for the vending machine.


What is in your hospital bag, Share something that’s a must-have for you in your bags. Please share your tips with us.

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