Second Trimester Checklist

Second trimester to do list



Congratulations! Welcome to your second trimester. Hopefully, you are past the symptoms and emotions of the first trimester.

The second trimester is also called the “honeymoon phase” of pregnancy because you are full of energy, First trimester symptoms like nausea, vomiting and others may have reduced. Exciting things like baby kicks and feelings the baby move, finding out the gender, announcing your pregnancy to family and friends, planning your baby shower and many more will be coming up.

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Some symptoms you may experience during this trimester are Dizziness, leg cramps, sensitive gums, aches in the lower abdomen, growing breasts, and belly.

Now your energy levels are up and you are feeling better, its time to get some things done and getting prepared before the baby gets here.  Your second trimester starts at about 14 weeks to 27 weeks. Here is a Second-trimester Checklist.


Second trimester checklist




 ANNOUNCE YOUR PREGNANCY – If you have not already done that now is the time to announce your pregnancy to your family and friends.  Because of the high risk of miscarriage during the first trimester, Some people decide to wait till the second trimester to announce their pregnancy. 


FIND OUT THE GENDER OF YOUR BABY  – If you decide you want to find the baby’s gender before the baby is born the second trimester is the time to do it. Ultrasound done between 16-20 weeks may be able to reveal the gender. Sometimes baby’s position can make it difficult for the ultrasound technician to see the gender. You can also find out your baby’s gender if you have done non-invasive prenatal testing(NIPT), a blood test that can check for Down syndrome and other chromosomal conditions. It can be done starting around 10 weeks of pregnancy. It also checks for pieces of the male sex chromosome in your blood, which can be used to know if you’re carrying a boy or a girl.


START PREPARING YOUR NURSERY– Start searching for nursery ideas. Create Pinterest boards and save ideas on Pinterest boards. If you have a dedicated room for the nursery or your rooms there are plenty of ideas and DIY ways to make a beautiful nursery.


INFORM YOUR BOSS– Now is the time to tell your Coworkers and your employers about your pregnancy. Some women wait to inform their bosses until the second trimester. You can inform your boss with a one on one conversation with them or write an email or letter. You should let them know when you are due and when you would like to start your maternity leave.


MID-PREGNANCY ULTRASOUND– The mid-pregnancy ultrasound usually around the 20 weeks is also called an anomaly scan. This scan checks the anatomy of the fetus to see if all is normal and developing well. It checks for abnormalities, amount of amniotic fluid, heartbeat, brain defect and Location of the placenta. This can be an exciting ultrasound because you get to see your baby and also find out the baby’s sex.


PLAN GENDER REVEAL– Gender reveal parties are fun to plan. You can use ideas such a cake with the color to show gender, balloon gender reveals are also cute. there are so many ways you can tell your family and friends the gender.


GET MATERNITY CLOTHES– This trimester your belly is getting bigger which also means your favorite pre-pregnancy clothes won’t fit as well as before. so now is the time to get some new comfortable clothes to fit your bump. You can get some oversized shirts that would fit over your bump. other maternity clothes include Maternity trousers, bra, Stretchy leggings, and dresses.


WORK OUT– During your first trimester, it can be difficult to work out with all the symptoms you were feeling. Now your energy is up you may want to incorporate workouts to your routine. You need to speak to your doctor to know the exercise you can do. Exercises such as Yoga, walking, squats are low impact exercise you could do, don’t overdo it and rest as much as you can.


START YOUR BABY REGISTRY– Setting up a baby registry can enable your family and friends to get gifts for the baby from items you really need. My favorite to use is the Amazon baby registry, you can add items you really need to your registry and so easy and simple to use.


TAKE A CHILDBIRTH AND BREASTFEEDING CLASS–  Taking a prenatal class can be very beneficial to parents. Knowing what to expect during labor, delivery, breastfeeding and taking care of the baby when the baby is born is very helpful for new parents. Take advantage of great online classes and also the classes your hospital organizes.


PICK A NAME– One of my favorite and exciting things to do during my pregnancy was to pick out my Son’s name from a list of my favorite names I had. You can search online, Pinterest for special baby names you can pick from.


MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN– Moisturizing your skin can help prevent dryness and stretch marks during pregnancy. Keeping areas like your breast, belly frequently can help and also don’t forget to stay hydrated.


SLEEP ON YOUR SIDE/GET A PREGNANCY PILLOW– One of the struggles of the second trimester with your growing bump is getting a good position to sleep with all the aches and pains. It is recommended to sleep on your side because the growing baby puts pressure on the vein circulating blood to your heart. Using a pregnancy pillow helps a lot to get a comfortable sleep at night.


TAKE A BABYMOON– You can plan a small getaway to relax and enjoy yourself for a few days before the baby arrives.


GET YOUR GLUCOSE SCREENING– This test is done to check for gestational diabetes. This is usually done between the 24th week and the 28th week of pregnancy. If the test comes out positive you will have to undergo another test called glucose tolerance screening to know if you have gestational diabetes or not.