How to Survive a Newborn and A toddler

Tips for surviving a Newborn and a Toddler

Having a newborn is a joyful time and a great addition to the family but coping with a newborn and a toddler can be sometimes be overwhelming.

Are you worried about how you are going to survive the first few weeks with a toddler and a newborn?. Don’t worry you are not alone. Expecting my second baby and having an almost 2-year-old toddler got me anxious and worried too. So many questions were running through my mind on how to cope.

Here are some tips that can help you cope with a newborn and a toddler

1. Start during your pregnancy

One of the first ways to help your toddler adjust to having a new sibling is to start preparing them whilst still pregnant. Some examples were me telling and getting my toddler excited that he was having a sibling and that there was a baby in my tummy, so after a while, he would point to growing bump and say “baby” which got him excited.

2. Teach your Toddler to be Independent

As you will already have your hand full with the newborn, it will go a long way to help you if your toddler can do somethings by himself. Teach then how to get dressed, put on their shoes, washing their hands. If still co-sleeping now is the time to transition him to his bed/room. One less thing for you to worry about.

3. Set up a Toddler Area

When caring for your newborn you will need an area where your toddle can go by himself and play. This is the time to introduce fun toys, puzzles,  Arts and Crafts for him to engage in and to encourage playing independently.

4. Ask For Help

Don’t forget to ask from help for help from family and friends, because during this stage you need all the help you cant get. You can ask a friend or family member to babysit your toddler so you can spend one on one time with your baby. You can also have a sitter watch your baby so you can spend time with your toddler so they won’t feel left out. Help with bringing groceries and even bringing meals over can be really helpful. During the first few weeks, my mom came over to help with the baby while I do other things, sometimes to take. a nap, this helped me tremendously, it means I was well-rested and not always tired.

5. Wear Your Baby

With a toddler at home, you need your hands free sometimes to handle situations with your toddler. So wearing your baby in the baby carrier or baby wrap can be helpful. You also wear your baby when going out for a walk, grocery shopping and doing chores around the house.

6. Allow them to help with the Baby 

One of the few ways that helped me in the early months with my newborn was allowing my toddler to help with the baby supervised. He would help me bring items like wipe and diapers for diaper changes, talk and singing to the baby. I try to encourage him to do somethings with his brother. He is always so happy and feels like a proud big brother.

7. Tell your Toddler Stories

Before the baby is born you can tell stories to your toddler of how a new baby looks like, what you are going to do to take care of the baby. After the baby is born you can also read books to them.

8. Keep Routines

Having a regular routine can help in coping with your newborn and toddler. Try to keep the routines you had with your toddler before the baby arrived, this would help you and your toddler adjust better. With the newborn, I tried feeding on demand.

A newborn at first can’t differentiate between Daytime or Nighttime, so you can help him by keeping the house bright in the day time and the lights dim and quiet at night time. We did our nighttime routines about the same time. So after a few weeks of adjusting, we had a fairly consistent schedule. You can also learn to read your baby’s cues so you will know when your baby is hungry, tired and sleepy, with that you can make a schedule around that.

An example of a Nighttime routine with a Newborn

-Give your baby a bath

-Put on a sleepwear

-Breastfeed or offer a bottle

-Read a book to the baby

-Dim the lights and Turn on white noise for sleeping

9. Make time for Toddler and Mummy time

Make out time for a quality one or one time with your toddler. It could be doing crafts together, solving puzzles or reading a book. These could help your toddler not to feel left out when the baby arrives.

10. Coordinate Nap Times

Trying to make a toddler and newborn sleep at the same time is not an easy task, but its something you have to try to do. My toddler already had a routine of taking his nap around 1 pm, I try to put my newborn down for a nap at 12:30 so their nap times overlap. This gives me time to rest, work or do house chores.

11. Plan Ahead

One of the ways you could stay on top of things is to plan ahead. You can prepare freezer meals at the beginning of the week so it is easier during mealtime. If you are going out the next day you can pack your diaper bag the night before and select outfits for the kids, this helps a lot.




Tips for surving a newborn and a toddler

New Year Resolution and Why You Should Create Yours

New year resolution ideas


Another year is approaching and most of us have put down goals and resolutions for the new year. Sometimes just 2 weeks into the new year we revert back to our old ways and that is resolutions out of the window. This happens to almost everyone so don’t feel bad about it.


Coming into 2019 I really didn’t write out my plans and goals at the beginning of the year, I was pregnant with my second baby and dealing first trimester symptoms. But as the year went on I decided to write out some of my goals for the rest of the year some of which included starting a second business from home and starting my blog.


As the new year comes I want us to do something different, I want us to be intentional about our new year resolutions and how we can go about them and how we can achieve it. The New year is an opportunity to set a new goal and vision for your life.


For 2020, the word I want to hold on to is Growth and Consistency. Most times I have the tendency to start a project and sometimes not complete it, now I want to be intentional about being consistent in what I do. Like writing and working daily on my blog. Publishing new blog posts weekly. And also intentional with my family and parenting.


New year resolutons

Personal Goals


Think about and set goals for your personal growth– Write down your goals for the new year, what you will want to achieve before the year ends.


Change your mindset to a growth mindset– A way to help you on your journey is to have a positive and growth mindset towards your plan. It is you seeing the improvements and changes in what you are doing a little step at a time.


Set aside time for your personal care– Personal care is so important to prevent burn out. Sometimes we just keep going and going, it is necessary to pause and take care of ourselves. Things like getting a massage, sleeping can go a long way in helping us relax.


Do something to improve YOU– This year I am motivated to do something to improve myself. I would love to improve my writing and creating good content for my blog. I will be taking courses for that and also on marketing.


Get a new hobby– Find a hobby you will enjoy doing like singing, dancing, writing, even playing a sport.


Read a book– I have challenged myself to read at least a book each month. You can also join the read a book a month challenge with me.


Organize your life and Keep a journal– Writing is so good for your mind. This is something I want to be intentional about doing this coming year. Write out your daily plans, how your day went and also what you are grateful for each day. Writing your daily tasks helps to keep you organized like you know what you want to do at the start of the day.


Stop procrastinating– Procrastinating is something that keeps us sometimes from achieving some of our goals. 


Learn a new skill
Quit one bad habit
Do a little act of kindness daily
Spend more time with family


Work or Career Goals


Find ways to be a better Employee/boss- Some ways that can help include


– Communicate better with people at your workplace
– Be a good team player
-Don’t be afraid to be in charge
-Have a good work-life balance
-Take that course to improve your skills
-Work towards that promotion
-Show that you can solve problems at your place of work
-Have a good work ethic
-Work Smart
-Have a positive attitude

Health Goals


Take more steps daily– Walking is very beneficial to our health. So it is important to take more steps daily. 6 weeks after giving birth to my second baby walking 30 minutes daily with the stroller helped me shed some baby weight. It also helped me clear my head 


Establish a Workout RoutineSet some fitness goals even if your goal is to lose weight, maintaining your weight, gain more muscle, I found out that having a consistent workout routine helps, even if its 30 minutes daily.


Eat healthier– Good nutrition combined with physical activity can help you reach your fitness goals.


Some healthy eating tips include 
-Drink more water
-Eat more whole foods and less processed food
-Meal prep
-Eat smaller portions
-Eat a diet with good protein, whole grain, and vegetable amounts

Financial Goals


Set a goal on an amount to save monthly –  You decide and save a percentage of your income monthly. I am challenging myself to save 15% of my income monthly.
Cut out unnecessary expenses- Some ways you can reduce expenses include


-Eat-in instead of going to a restaurant
-Reduce tv times and subscription
-Check for coupons and discounts
-Reduce impulse buying


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